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Hannah Parks

Health and Wellbeing Coach

I’m Hannah and I joined North Gosforth PCN in March 2022. I work as a Health Improvement Practitioner.

team-member-photo Hannah Parks

What I Do

The main goal of my job is to encourage patients to lead healthier lifestyles through education and providing them with the support that they need to implement long-term change.

I focus specifically on healthy eating and diabetes management.

How I Support Patients

When starting with a new patient I will call them and give a brief overview of what the programme will look like, time scale, frequency of meetings, the aims of the programme and how these aims will be met.

After this, I carry out an initial assessment which mostly consists of questions exploring their general quality of life and wellness.

The programme is usually carried out over the phone, however, I am able to meet for face to face meetings if that is in the patient's best interest.

Get in touch

HealthWorks take referrals via an online form that can be passed on to me.