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We Are Open

Our GP Partner Dr Charlewood is retiring from the Practice after over 30 years. The Practice would like to thank Dr Charlewood for not just her amazing service as a GP, but for her commitment and hard work as a Partner in successfully managing the Practice. Dr Charlewood will be deeply missed by all at the Practice and we wish her well in her retirement. The below is a message from Dr Charlewood, reflecting on her time at the Practice:


I have been a Partner, working at the Park Medical Group for just over 30 years – not quite as long as Steve Summers!

I have thought hard about whether to hang up my stethoscope but now seems to be the right time, while I still have the energy to do other things! I will still be helping out at the Practice in the background for a few months.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the practice and feel really privileged to have been involved with so many fantastic people. Sometimes we can forget how lucky we are to be trusted and valued by patients but it is the thing that makes us come back each day for more.

Working with a great team has also enhanced my time at the Practice. We are a group of very different people who pull together to try to deliver a high quality service for those who use it. We face problems together but also enjoy each others company and have lots of laughs. I will miss you all!

Teaching is a big part of what we do and is something I have really relished. We have seen many Drs in training come and go from the practice over the years and are lucky that some of the very best decided to stay and join our team.

Work has changed enormously over the 30 years I have been there. We started as a smaller team and covered the service 24 hours a day which often meant calls at very unsociable times. We now have a team that is almost too big for our buildings and work very closely with colleagues from local practices. However, Covid has probably triggered the greatest change with a move towards more telephone work, which has not suited everyone. We are slowly transitioning back to a more traditional type of service but there will always be challenges ahead.

I feel sure that I am leaving the practice in very capable hands and wish all our staff and patients health and happiness going forward.”