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We Are Closed

Alison Dale

Introduction I work alongside practice colleagues to make sure patients’ records are complete and accurate. The data we collect must be robust and reliable so we can report on work in line with our NHS contract, and to help with the practice’s business planning.


Introduction I work with the Practice Managements and Admin teams to make sure our financial transactions are accurate, paid on time and reportable.

Lisa Kelly

Introduction My main responsibility is to oversee our appointment booking processes, and make sure that appointment lists are fully updated and accurate, so patients have choice and easy access, and that our clinicians time is used as efficiently as possible.


Introduction I’m an Administrator at Park Medical Group and have worked here since 1989. The main responsibility is to oversee the Practice’s clinical system which holds our patients’ medical history, and how we manage appointment booking and prescription ordering. I am also involved in making sure the practice achieves its targets for delivering the healthcare … Continued