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Updated Practice Statement: Medical Records

Park Medical Group would like to issue an update on proposed changes to access to medical records as there have been developments since our initial statement early last week.

The proposal was that all patients would have complete prospective access to their medical records from 1st November.

As we said last week, significant concern had been expressed within general practice about the impact of the proposed changes, particularly around risks relating to safeguarding.

The providers of the main clinical systems used in GP practices had said they would not switch on this access until some clarity had been provided by NHS England about how these risks could be mitigated. This was the situation at the time of our statement last week.

Since then, NHS England has instructed all clinical system providers to switch on the access changes on 30th November.

This now means that we, along with our neighbouring practices in North Gosforth Primary Care Network, are working through a process of managing this change.

We support the principle of patient access and are committed to ensuring it is done in a way that does not compromise patient safety.

What these changes mean

The change will affect people who have signed up to use digital NHS services through Patient Access or the NHS App.

From 30th November, you will automatically have access to your prospective (or future) medical records, including all letters, notes and consultations.

Patients have always been able to request this, and we have been happy to grant access individually as we can review and redact any third-party data or information relating to safeguarding or vulnerable people.

What we are working to avoid is inappropriate information being made instantly available when the change to access is made to all patient records.

We are working through processes to review and, where necessary, redact information.

We will issue further updates on this issue as necessary.