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Ready to stop smoking? Support is here for you.

Whether it’s for your health, for your kids, to save money, or something else, you’re more likely to quit smoking if you get support.

The Newcastle Stop Smoking+ Service works in Partnership with the NHS to help people make a healthy and positive change.

With the Newcastle Stop Smoking + Service, you get:

  • Expert one-on-one support to find the best way to stop smoking for you
  • Free or discounted stop smoking aids like nicotine patches, gum or Champix
  • Someone to encourage and cheer you on

There is no need to see a Doctor first – you can refer yourself directly to the service.

About the Service

The service offers you a 12-week programme with your own advisor to support and encourage you.

A big part is understanding your motivation to stop and keep that as the focus to achieve your goals.

You’ll also get help and advice on how to manage your cravings and create new, healthier habits.

Your advisor will be there to support you through the course – and after if needed. If you have a slip-up, there is no judgement.

There are also regular drop-in sessions for support when you need it.

Free or Cheap Stop Smoking Aids

There are many different aids to help you stop smoking, like nicotine patches or gum, or Champix, a medicine to help you stop smoking.

Your advisor can help you find the right aids to suit you and give you a prescription. This means the things you need will either be free (if you don’t pay for your prescriptions) or at least cheaper than if you bought them yourself.

Self-Refer Today

The service takes direct referrals from patients, so you don’t need to make an appointment to see a Doctor to get started.

You can refer yourself online, by email or by phone – hit the buttons below.