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How General Practice Works

How General Practice Works We know that patients are constantly hearing the NHS is under pressure, whether it is news stories about waiting lists, patient satisfaction, or what you are told when accessing services. We also know how frustrating that can be when all you are trying to do is get help with your health. … Continued

Our PCN team helped patients over 20,000 times last year

Our PCN team helped patients over 20,000 times last year In 2023, our specialist Primary Care Network teams completed over 20,000 appointments, tasks, and contacts with patients in Gosforth and Jesmond. Primary Care Networks are groups of GP practices working together using additional funding to provide extra services to meet patients’ needs. Our two PCNs … Continued

What our Primary Care Networks did in 2022

What our Primary Care Networks did in 2022 Primary Care Networks are playing an increasingly big role in general practice. Since 2019, Primary Care Networks – or PCNs – have allowed neighbouring GP practices to officially work together to provide better, more personalised health care to patients. is part of PCN, and working collaboratively with … Continued

Media Coverage of GP Appointments Data

Media Coverage of GP Appointments Data In the last week or two, you may have seen national and regional news stories covering newly published data about GP Appointments. We wanted to give a response to this, including the new and experimental data itself, why single statistics don’t always tell the whole story, and what we … Continued

Counselling and talking therapy

Counselling and talking therapy Many people will face challenges throughout their lives. Some of these can be very hard to overcome alone or seem impossible.    Counselling can help explore a problem and better understand how it impacts the self.    Many people often store up negative emotions, affecting relationships with others and causing anger or resentment.    … Continued

Primary Care Networks: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Primary Care Networks Here are some straightforward answers to some of the most common questions about Primary Care Networks.  What does PCN stand for?  A PCN is a Primary Care Network. Why do I need to know about PCNs?  There are two main reasons to tell patients about our network:  Firstly, … Continued